Lighting up

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A new addition to Grote’s innovative LED WhiteLight Work Lamp family, the WhiteLight Work Lamp was developed under the Per-Lux nameplate.
This is a first for Per-Lux, a brand that, until now, only offered lamps in high-powered halogen and incandescent versions.
Grote’s LED WhiteLight engineering offers superior durability with lower power consumption—less than an amp of power is needed to operate the lamp. The instant-on nature of its LEDs also is more energy efficient compared to halogen lamps.
The Per-Lux Work Lamp features a glass lens with a chemical- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, along with Per-Lux’s heavy-duty ruggedness and reliability. The component parts are completely replaceable.
The Per-Lux Work Lamp is available to original equipment manufacturers and can be easily retrofitted. The lamp comes in spot, flood and trapezoid lens configurations.

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