Lifting Gear Hire Corporation

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9925 S. Industrial Drive
Bridgeview, Illinois
United States

Lifting Gear Hire Corporation is the nation’s largest single organization devoted exclusively to the rental and sale of lifting, winching and material handling equipment, and the provision of associated services. The company has 11 locations in the United States, with sales support representatives in more than 25 states.

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  • Cut cost by renting modular spreader beams with spans ranging from 3 – 52 ft and capacities from 9 tons to 187 tons from LGH! Lightweight, durable and strong, modular beams are also easy to transport...
  • Lifting Gear Hire Corporation is proud to announce the addition of the 700 ton modular system into its rental inventory. This system gives LGH customers the ability to lift as much as 700 tons up to...
  • Lifting Gear Hire has made available a piece of rental equipment that provides for the safest and most controlled lifting of large structures. Known as a Sync Lift, the innovative product...

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had access to this vast inventory of lifting equipment. How much more successful could you become?

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