Kentucky contractor standardizes job-site reporting

December 26, 2014

At T+C Contracting in Louisville, Ky., all foremen enter their daily job site data into HCSS’s HeavyJob software.

“What’s so great about the HeavyJob software is it’s in a very easy-to-follow sequence,” said Scott Thornberry, T+C’s operations manager. “For a foreman who has never used a computer, it’s very simple. I had all our foremen turning in their time the second day they had HeavyJob in their hands. They never missed a beat. Basically, they threw their paper and pencils away.”

For T+C Contracting, HeavyJob’s ability to create standardized entry and reporting is the most important thing the software provides.

“The most important field is the working conditions in the diary entry screen, where they click on the weather, ground conditions and temperature,” said Thornberry. “All that is critical information when it comes to backing up your case if you have weather delays and things of that nature.”

This reporting ability has helped T+C Contracting on a number of occasions. For example, when a job owner in California questioned why his project was proceeding so slowly, Thornberry simply printed out the daily diary reports. These reports clearly showed bad weather for a significant number of days in Kentucky, where the job was in progress. These recorded details that helped settle the issue.

“The daily notes are what can help shield you from potential conflict,” said Thornberry.

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