Kansas lawmakers proposing safety corridors on K-10, US-54

KDOT hopes enhanced restrictions would decrease traffic accidents

Transportation Management News Topeka Capital-Journal February 24, 2012
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The Kansas state Senate advanced a piece of legislation on Wednesday proposing special safety corridors on certain state highways to reduce traffic accidents, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. The new regulations, part of Senate Bill 342, would double speeding fines and reinforce other sanctions.

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) would like to implement the safety corridors on a portion of K-10 in Douglas and Johnson counties, as well as a portion of US-54 through Wichita. Drivers ticketed in a corridor would be prohibited from obtaining a court diversion; additionally, any offenses within a safety corridor would be treated as a moving violation for insurance purposes.

Designation as a safety corridor would be based on traffic volume as well as accidents and fatalities in a given stretch of highway. Officials of cities within the boundaries of the zones would have to consent to the new restrictions.

An amendment to the bill would allow drivers a 5 mph cushion above the speed limit before they are cited for a moving violation.

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