ITS: Latest ITS advances from the U.K. highlighted in new guide

Web-based traffic management, radar-enabled lighting among high-tech solutions

Smart & Resilient Cities News Computer Business Review October 07, 2014
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With the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market growing exponentially around the world, a new guide released in October highlights some of the latest high-tech solutions being tested across the United Kingdom.
The document, titled Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology, was created jointly by the U.K.-based Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and ITS U.K. Cities and counties across the country are profiled for their innovative transportation-management solutions that are improving traffic flow, lowering costs and benefitting the environment.
One example is Dublin, Ireland, and the city council’s conversion from its original traffic-management system to a web-based network. City engineers and other employees can now access the system from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet app, even allowing on-site documentation in work zones. This approach has lowered hardware costs for the city as well as turnaround-time for resolving any issues.
Also mentioned in the guide is a new radar-enabled system of 100,000 street lights and signs in Hampshire County, England that can adjust lighting intensity based on traffic levels. This has reduced CO2 emissions in the county by 4,000 tons annually.
The guide is available for free download on the IET website.

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