Iowa DOT chief believes $50 million is savings could be generated

Strategy could delay raise in state gas tax

Funding News Sioux City Journal January 26, 2012
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Iowa DOT Director Paul Trombino III believes he has found a treasure chest of savings for the state moving forward. Recommendations in a 15-page report released on Jan. 24 could put $33 million back into the DOT pot annually. Another $17 million in one-time savings also can be achieved.


If the report produces desired results state legislature will most likely delay an increase in Iowa’s gas tax, but only for a year.


Asset management and project streamlining could produce as much as $21 million a year in savings. Working with those at the county and city level, the Iowa DOT hopes to monitor roads and bridges more closely to help maximize pavement and structure life. The move is expected to save $11 million a year. Encouraging projects to finish ahead of schedule and under budget would generate another $10 million annually.


Changing the strategy for rest areas and implementing a remote renewal for driver’s licenses and other motor vehicle driver services could result in further savings.


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