Introducing the Latest Safety Innovation from PSS

pss standgard

StandGard Reduces Flagger Fatigue  

Designed for flaggers and other outdoor stationary workers, PSS StandGard Base Portable Standing Station protects those workers against exposure to excessive temperatures, such as overheating in hot weather or body heat loss in cold weather. With an R-value of six, StandGard reduces the transference of heat and cold from roadway surfaces, better protecting workers.

When compared to shoes alone, workers’ feet remain cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold, up to six times longer. With 3 sq ft of standing area, StandGard’s anti-fatigue mat also reduces wear on feet, knees and backs.

Not only does StandGard’s coating prevent heat transference, it also provides higher nighttime visibility for workers, with a bright orange coat and 3M conspicuity tape.

StandGard Reduces Flagger Drift

When outdoor stationary workers stand in a predictable, consistent location, drivers can more readily see them. StandGard provides that “home base;” workers are then safer when adjacent to live traffic. StandGard also reduces or deters workers from “drifting” away from their assigned work location.

Tested by Flaggers

Area Wide Protective (AWP), a traffic management services company with locations in twenty  states, recently tested and reviewed StandGard in a live work zone.

AWP reported, “All flaggers, including AWP protectors who are prepared well beyond OSHA-Required Safety Training and ATSSA Flagger Training & Certification courses, can be affected by the often-challenging conditions in work zones. We were pleased to be asked to test the standing assistant, and happy to note that it was helpful to our crews in work zones near and far.”