Intermat an international success

“The 9th Intermat confirmed the recovery of the construction equipment sector.”—Exhibition Manager Maryvonne Lanoë

Equipment News Intermat April 30, 2012
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With 1,350 exhibitors, 67% international, and more than 200,000 visitors, including 145,082 identified trade visitors (up 15.8% on 2009), 34.2% international, Intermat again demonstrated its international reach and confirmed its positioning in the Mediterranean and African markets.


Business was brisk at this session, with a large number of orders taken.


“The total value of the equipment on offer over the six days was estimated at $2 billion, some 5% of which translated into orders, an equivalent of approximately $100 million,” said Exhibition Manager Maryvonne Lanoë. The 9th Intermat was an intense time for construction equipment and machinery professionals, with many deals struck and partnerships formed.


The world is changing, and Intermat mirrored that: Several Chinese equipment manufacturers exhibited, with stands worthy of the big Western names. The huge increase in the number of Chinese exhibitors, occupying more than 26,250 sq meters of exhibition space and representing 9% of the offer in number of exhibitors, reflects the significant foothold China has gained in European markets.


The exhibition was also an opportunity for Chinese manufacturers to announce their European acquisitions. Like Japan and South Korea before it, China is preparing to compete with the West in high-tech manufacturing.


Another highlight was the large number of technological innovations launched at Intermat, largely to comply with the new European regulations and progression to stage IIIB of the European emissions standards.


One of the key trends of Intermat 2012 was the presentation of process equipment to address the growing demand for across-the-board site mechanization, at a time when the working environment is being redefined to better prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other risks. Construction companies (the users) want faster, quieter and more efficient equipment that will boost productivity and save energy.

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