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ALK Technologies has announced PC*MILER Navigator 430, an easy-to-use, portable navigation device designed specifically for owner operators, leased operators and company drivers. Now truckers will have the same kind of straightforward, all-in-one system that motorists have relied upon for years.
PC*MILER Navigator 430 provides spoken truck-specific directions in a lightweight, stand-alone device that is easily attached to a truck windshield. Powered by ALK’s award-winning CoPilot Truck GPS navigation technology, this innovative solution improves safety and reduces operating costs for both drivers and fleets.
The portable PC*MILER Navigator device with built-in GPS antenna and speaker features a 4.3-in. color touch screen that displays directions simply and clearly as they are spoken. Upcoming turns are displayed so they can be quickly understood at a glance, and the driver’s attention remains focused on the road. The navigation software and map data are pre-installed—all a driver has to do is turn it on and put it to work.

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