Innovative Pure Vacuum Technology Overcomes Drawbacks of Conventional Models

May 26, 2021
Oil City’s wrapped Schwarze HyperVac.
Oil City’s wrapped Schwarze HyperVac.

In 2019 the City of Oil City, Pennsylvania was looking to purchase a new pure vacuum sweeper to replace their older pure vac sweeper. The local Schwarze dealer, Stephenson Equipment, demoed the Schwarze Hypervac. The city liked the performance and the innovative design of the center broom array that addressed the issue of conventional tube broom wear associated with uneven roads and crowning. So the city purchased a new unit later that year.

After a full year of running the Schwarze Hypervac the city was not only pleased with the performance, but also reported that the unit cut their sweeping time in half. Chris, an operator with the city says, “we pick up all kind of debris, especially in the Springtime when we sweep up anti-skid applied during winter months.“ Like most cities, Oil City’s mission is to get the winter debris off of the roads before spring rains wash it into their stormwater system. “We pick up a lot of sticks, leaves, anti-skid, dirt, and this machine as opposed to our other machines that we had in the past, would normally take four passes. We are now doing it in two passes.” To quantify further Chris went on to explain that their Spring clean up time went from 12 weeks down to 6 with the Schwarze Hypervac. “This thing does a very good job.”

In terms of performance Chris elaborates, “It’s a totally different system in the way it picks up. It does a really nice job. The brushes underneath follow the contour of the road, unlike when you’re on a road that has a large crown and you’re following the contour of the road with a sweeper that has a straight belly broom across and you’re not able to pick up everything. The brooms on the Hypervac follow the contour of the road and you’re able to transfer it to the suction. I would recommend this truck!”


The Schwarze SweeperSense controls make the unit very simple to operate. “It looks a little intimidating at first with all of the switches and buttons,” say Chris, but those are for the initial programming of your water, engine speed, and broom pressure into the presets which already comes set up from the factory. “When you go to sweep there’s just one button to hit for the preset side you want to sweep, then hit sweep and everything is engaged. When you’re done, flip the switch up, hit standby and everything comes up. Very simple to use, very efficient machine. “


Clean up of the Schwarze HyperVac is simple. After a heavy day of sweeping the operator can attach a fire hose to the side of the hopper to blast high volumes of water through the hopper deluge system for quick and easy clean up. Chris explains, “they have a nice wand in the back, a pressure washer, just lift the hopper up and there is a switch where you can easily drop your screens. But before I do that there are 2 nozzles that I can hook a hose to and clean out the hopper and the tunnel on top. That’s something we never had before. It makes it very, very easy to clean.”

The Schwarze HyperVac Tackles heavy debris in a single pass.
The Schwarze HyperVac Tackles heavy debris in a single pass.


The Schwarze HyperVac is also easy to maintain. Daily engine checks are accessed from ground level by a single position passenger side door. The large 7.8 cubic yard stainless steel hopper equates to less dumps, increased production, and carries a lifetime warranty. Hinged storage compartments on the side of the HyperVac swing open to provide easy serviceability for transfer brooms.

Learn more by visiting and see the Oil City video.


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