Ingersoll Rand is back in the milling machine business

News Roads & Bridges October 12, 2006
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Ingersoll Rand held a blockbuster event to introduce its newest piece of
equipment—-a pavement buster.

Actually, the Hollywood-style event on Tuesday in Shippensburg, Pa.,
announced the company’s re-entry into the milling machine marketplace.
Ingersoll Rand originally had a line that was dissolved in 1995.

“This is a new entry in the marketplace and it is a response to our
customers,” Gary Michel, president of Road Development at Ingersoll Rand,
told ROADS & BRIDGES in an exclusive interview. “Our customers asked us to
get back in the business, and what we are introducing is really leap-frog

Ingersoll Rand unveiled the MW-500 and MT-2000 milling machines Tuesday. The
MW-500 has a 20-in. drum width, a 7-in. cutting radius, innovative controls
and diagnostic capabilities and superior traction control, according to the
company. The MT-2000 is IR’s half-lane milling machine (79-in. drum width).
It offers three drum-cutting speeds that can be adjusted on the go, five
steering modes, including a circle steer, and the innovative controls and
diagnostic capabilities of the MW-500.

“The big thing is were making steps to raise the bar,” Patrick Wakefield,
product marketing manager, milling, for IR, told ROADS & BRIDGES. “We are
incorporating new technology, and we feel the market has been stagnant in
that area. The advanced diagnostic capabilities are really the heart of
these machines.”

Ingersoll Rand hopes to release four more milling machines in the next three

For more on the IR event, see the Product & Equipment Market section in the
November issue of ROADS & BRIDGES magazine.

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