Industry News Round-up: Calif.-Vegas high-speed rail is on, Kansas DOT making rail investments

Also, how has the coronavirus brought into harsh light transit inequities?

July 02, 2020
Industry News Round-up: Calif.-Vegas high-speed rail is on, Kansas DOT making rail investments

Here is a round-up of some news stories you might have missed this week:


A plan to build a high-speed rail line between Southern California and Las Vegas got a boost after the rail company in charge of the project, XpressWest, received permission from the California DOT to build along I-15.

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The Kansas Department of Transportation announced that nine rail improvement projects will receive a combined $11.5 million in State Rail Service Improvement Fund grants. This year, the total cost of the nine projects is $21.8 million. Construction is slated to begin in the third quarter, KDOT officials said.

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Transit ridership plummeted around 90% at the peak of the pandemic, and journeys for the remaining 10% of riders started becoming more difficult. Services were cut, both to protect drivers and other transit workers, but also because transit systems are running out of money, in a situation that’s becoming acute.

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