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Hitachi’s new ZX160LC-3 replaces the Zaxis 160LC. Even though it generates 10% more horsepower than its predecessor, the ZX160LC-3 uses less fuel. New E, P and H/P modes can be selected to suit job needs. The E mode can save fuel consumption up to 13% compared with the P mode on the previous model.

The ZX160LC-3 uses the HIOS III hydraulic system. Engine performance and hydraulic flow are balanced for fast and smooth operations. Swing torque has been increased about 6% for faster cycle times. Regenerative hydraulics and more hydraulic flow make arm roll-in and the boom lower/arm movements faster.
With over 2,400 lb more of operating weight, the Zaxis 160LC-3 has made significant improvements in stability and lift capacity. Even with this growth, the ZX160LC is sized to fit on a 40,000-lb tag trailer for easy transportability.

Other improvements include a nearly 13% increase in drawbar pull and a 15% greater fuel tank

Hitachi has designed its cab with the operator in mind. Low-effort, short-throw levers are easy to use. This fingertip control also reduces operator fatigue.

The multilingual widescreen LCD color monitor provides maintenance, attachment and operational information. An optional air-suspension heated seat also is available.

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