Hundreds of message boards, cameras added across New York State to improve traffic operations

The addition of cameras, message boards will improve traffic management during severe weather conditions

December 02, 2019
road safety variable message sign
Image: Vlad Lazarenko [CCA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced the installation of an additional 300 electronic message boards and traffic cameras along major traffic corridors across the state of New York.

The additional highway cameras and variable message signs (VMS) are part of an initiative to improve communication with the traveling public, enhance safety, and promote greater situational awareness among motorists and traffic system managers. Part of the goal is to improve traffic management during heavy snowstorms, extreme weather, vehicular crashes, and other events that would impede traffic flow.

"Severe weather events are happening with increasing frequency and these new electronic message signs and traffic cameras will give motorists the most up-to-date information on road conditions and traffic," Gov. Cuomo said in a statement. "Creating a 21st century transportation system isn't just about building new roads and bridges—it's about giving drivers timely information so they can make informed decisions and arrive at their destinations safely."

The New York State DOT (NYSDOT) installed an additional 125 cameras and 143 VMS units at critical locations along major traffic corridors. With the new equipment in place, the department has a total of 1,150 cameras and more than 550 VMS boards connected to NYSDOT's 10 transportation management centers. 

The state Thruway Authority also deployed an additional 25 new portable VMS boards across its 570-mile system in advance of the winter season. The authority now has 78 permanent and over 120 portable VMS with real-time messaging capabilities available across the state.


SOURCE: Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

IMAGE: Vlad Lazarenko [CCA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

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