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Bridges Case Studies
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Construction progress for the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is an ongoing effort that includes structural upgrades and section replacements. EarthCam cameras have long been a part of documenting the construction for this iconic bridge. EarthCam has captured major project milestones, such as the Yerba Buena Island Detour Roll-In/Roll-Out in 2009 and the Oakland Touchdown Detours in 2011. Upon its completion, which is slated for 2013, the Bay Bridge could very well be one of the most documented public projects in history.


The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) relies on EarthCam's cameras to ensure that all deadlines are met on time and all safety precautions are followed. Over the years, the MTC has installed nine construction cameras to capture activity from various vantage points. While EarthCam's MegapixelCam systems proved to be advantageous for documentation and time-lapse preservation, and its streaming-video ConstructionCam is excellent for real-time monitoring, the MTC wanted one system that combined the best features of both.


EarthCam's new BroadcastCam is exactly what the MTC was looking for. The BroadcastCam is a live high-definition H.264 streaming video network camera that includes the advantages of an HD robotic system. This powerful camera delivers multiple archives from several angles and then stitches them together to create high-definition megapixel panoramas, while simultaneously streaming broadcast-quality video at full frame.


Bridge webcams have proven to be useful, reliable tools. With them, construction professionals can make qualified decisions quickly, analyze job site activities and avoid disputes while viewing their job sites remotely. Government authorities can easily promote their projects to the public through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share real-time progress with the community.


To see the Bay Bridge cameras, visit this website.

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