Higher reach

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The JLG Model 1350SJP has a platform height of 135 ft and 80 ft of horizontal reach, which allows it to reach up to 50% more area than boom lifts with a 125-ft platform height. JLG’s JibPLUS 8-ft jib boom can move both vertically and horizontally for improved access to hard-to-reach areas. Adding to worker utility is the 1,000-lb restricted platform capacity that can be used over the majority of the work envelope; unrestricted platform capacity is 500 lb. An Automatic Capacity Control system adjusts the work envelope to match the selected load.
Efficient operation and operator comfort also have been engineered into the boom lift by incorporating an electronic platform leveling system and swing-speed proportioning. With the leveling system, the platform is automatically leveled in relation to gravity, not the machine chassis, so the operator is always working or driving the machine from a level surface. Swing-speed proportioning maintains a constant platform swing speed as the boom rotates horizontally regardless of the boom radius. As the boom lengthens, speed is reduced so the platform is always moving at a constant rate.

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