Hand-held breakers

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Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc., West Springfield, Mass., has introduced its new line of hydraulic handheld breakers (Circle 912). Offering a high power-to-weight ratio, nine models spanning five different weight classes are available, providing an ideal solution for jobs in concrete, asphalt and brickwork.

The heaviest of the four standard breakers in the line is the 71-lb LH 39, which is able to deliver 110 ft-lb of blow energy at an average impact rate of 1,275 blows per minute (bpm). Its power can provide a cost-efficient alternative to rig-mounted breakers for heavy-duty applications in reinforced concrete.
Other standard breakers in the line include the LH 27 (producing 81 ft-lb of energy at 1,500 bpm), the LH 22 (producing 62.7 ft-lb of energy at 1,740 bpm) and the LH 18 (producing 48 ft-lb of energy at 1,600 bpm). Each model has a slim design to provide a clear view for the operator, and each is equipped with basic vibration dampening.

A more ergonomically advanced version of each model is available thanks to a patented four-spring E-handle that further reduces vibration levels, improves the breaker’s durability and decreases operator fatigue. The LH 40 E, LH 28 E, LH 23 E and LH 19 E produce the same results as matching standard breaker models, but reduce vibration up to 71%.

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