Growing attached

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The JRB Multi Pick-Up Coupler was designed specifically to pick up and work with attachments such as the JRB 416, JRB ISO, John Deere 416, John Deere Hi-Viz, Volvo, JCB and other ISO attachments in front-end wheel loader applications. The new design provides quick-coupling capabilities that allow the user to switch attachments in the shortest amount of time while providing maximum safety.
For versatility, the Multi Pick-Up Coupler utilizes a two-cylinder design that accommodates any number of quick-hitch-style attachments. In a matter of seconds, an operator can switch from a bucket to a boom, forklift, broom or other attachment without leaving the cab or requiring the assistance of additional personnel. This versatility means more productivity, less downtime and greater job efficiency, which translates to improved profitability.
The Multi Pick-Up Coupler is designed to maximize load transfer and help maintain machine performance. This lower offset improves performance and results in reduced breakout force.

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