Grab a broom

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Rugged construction and a center-mounted brush with joystick controls make the RB-48 Broom from Rosco, Denver, N.C., effective for heavy road applications or cleanup at construction sites. The RB-48’s (Circle 911) versatility is enhanced with tow-package, strike-off blade and curb brush options. The RB-48 is powered by an 85-hp Cummins diesel engine with responsive hydrostatic drive, and contains a 7.5-ft quick-change brush for a fast and easy change of the brush core. Rosco’s exclusive brush down-pressure system reduces brush wear and maximizes brush life.
Also available from Rosco is the SweepPro (Circle 912), an extremely maneuverable broom with a 6-ft inside turning radius due to its rear steering. The front-mounted broom with joystick controls give the operator excellent visibility and brush control during the sweeping process.

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