Good sense

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Quixote Transportation Technologies Inc. (QTT) has released a new nonintrusive pavement condition sensor known as the terra-Q sensor. The terra-Q sensor is designed to detect ice, snow or water on the roadway.

The terra-Q sensor utilizes an electro-optical sensor to detect pavement conditions, eliminating the need to install a sensor in the roadway surface. The sensor warns roadway maintenance personnel immediately when snow or ice begins to form and allows them to take appropriate action before roads become dangerous or hazardous.

The terra-Q unit is an ideal alternative to invasive sensors, with no lane closures or cutting of the roadway required for installation. Additionally, maintenance requirements are low, making the terra-Q an affordable option for road-weather systems. The sensor can be mounted on an existing road-weather station or other structure where a clear, unobstructed view of the pavement is available. And, the terra-Q sensor can be used with existing SSI RWIS networks.

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