Good catch

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The self-leveling catch basin from Zirga, Gatineau, Que., is an innovative solution for effective and durable urban infrastructure development. This innovative approach replaces current practices with a new generation of manhole and catch basins that are durable and adaptable for freeze and thaw cycles.
The self-leveling catch basin operates with a frame that is entirely supported by the foundation of the street. With no load to support, the conventional concrete structure is replaced by a standard high-density polyethylene one-piece pipe designed to prevent water and granular infiltration. Its smooth external wall eliminates the possibility of a bond developing between the pipe and the frozen soil.
The system has the unique characteristic of allowing the frame to slip along the external wall of the pipe, thus allowing the frame to move down with the settling of the soil or up as the soil heaves up during the winter. Like the pavement, the frame floats on the foundation of the street, which enables it to be constantly and naturally at the same level as the roadway. This design also allows the frame to have free angular movement in any direction around the axis of the pipe.

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