Georgia DOT holds individual technical meetings for potential private-sector proposers on I-20E

Meetings aim to solicit comment from prospective proposers on project

News Georgia DOT September 10, 2007
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The Georgia Department of Transportation will hold Individual Technical Meetings on Oct. 3 and 4, 2007, between prospective concessionaires, contractors and/or teams and Georgia DOT staff and relevant advisors regarding a possible solicitation for managed lanes along the I-20 Corridor East of Metro Atlanta to Turner Hill Road. The purpose of the meetings is to solicit comment from prospective proposers on the Department’s planned approach to development and financing of the project.

All potential or prospective proposers are encouraged to make an appointment to attend, by contacting the Department by Oct. 1 to schedule a one-hour appointment as indicated by the attached announcement document and identify the names of all individual persons and firms. All meetings will be held at Georgia DOT’s General Office located at 2 Capitol Square, Atlanta, GA, 30334 in room 401 A.

On July 19, 2007, the Department announced its intent to solicit a Public-Private Initiatives (PPI) proposal for managed lanes in each direction on I-20 east of Metro Atlanta to Turner Hill Road.

In accordance with the Department’s PPI Procedures, the Department will post solicitation information on the Georgia Procurement Registry website (

Georgia DOT has posted preliminary baseline concept drawings on the I-20 DeKalb HOV website that are associated with the solicitation. For more information on the project corridor or to review these drawings, please visit: and

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