Garbage picking

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Designed to meet the needs of high-volume litter collection in today’s busy streets, Allianz Madvac Inc. of Boucherville, Que., introduces an increased 80-gal litter container for the Madvac 101 vehicle. The Madvac 101 vehicle can vacuum up approximately 120 gal of uncompacted litter through its patented vacuum-compacting system into the new 80-gal litter container. This added feature allows for fast, efficient and economical litter collection. It entails very little trash handling for the operators and labor intensity is reduced
Consistent with its tradition of innovation, the Madvac 101 is versatile and offers unmatched maneuverability while disposing of litter. Madvac’s self-compacting system can efficiently pick up glass, metal, bottles, cardboard, plastic or any debris wet or dry that fits into its hose.

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