FUNDING: New bill offers additional 10 weeks of federal transportation funding

Transportation to receive over $10 billion from October through mid-December

Funding News AASHTO Journal September 22, 2014
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State departments of transportation will receive an additional 10 weeks of funding for surface transportation projects following Congressional approval of a new short-term continuing resolution last week.
The measure, dubbed H.J. Res. 124, provides partial appropriations for all federal programs in the new federal fiscal year beginning October 1 and running through December 11. For transportation, the bill includes $7.9 billion of obligation limitation for the Federal-aid Highway Program, $2 billion for federal transit programs and $280 million for federal highway safety programs.
As a continuing resolution, H.J. Res. 124 will not impact the Highway and Transportation and Funding Act of 2014, the extension enacted for the Highway Trust Fund in August. That extension provided $10.8 billion to the Highway Trust Fund to ensure continued distribution of project funds to state DOTs while simultaneously extending all programs authorized under MAP-21 through May 31 of next year.

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