FUNDING: Md. lawmakers try to remove gas-tax trigger

About a dozen conservatives call automatic increase “taxation without representation”

News August 07, 2013
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A group of lawmakers want to pull this trigger. Remove it completely.


Led by Rep. Geoffrey Diehl, a group of about two dozen politicians in Maryland are seeking a way to eliminate a state law that triggers increases in the gas tax when inflation rises. Diehl said the hope is a measure will be put on the 2014 ballot.


“Taxation without representation is not going to stand,” Diehl said.


Since Gov. Deval Patrick signed the bill into law, opponents have called it a “forever tax” because it does not require legislative approval. To attempt to overthrow the rule, almost 69,000 voter signatures must be obtained by November. Diehl said they would look to conservative groups like the Tea Party and members of the Republican State Committee to land a spot on the ballot.


The Patrick administration said the automatic increase when inflation rises is needed to help prevent the gas tax from losing any purchasing power. 

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