Florida DOT implementing parking guidance sensors in T-Pass program

The sensors and operations software is designed to help fatigued truck drivers find available parking to rest

Transportation Management News July 23, 2018
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parking guidance sensors

IPsens, a leading provider of cloud-based parking and transportation management solutions, announced last week that its technology has been selected to manage the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) T-Pass program in South Florida.


The program uses parking guidance sensors installed in truck stop and rest area parking spaces to monitor individual space availability and communicate that information to truck drivers via roadside signage. When drivers become fatigued or approach their mandated time for resting they can access the system via a special app and locate the closest available parking space.


IPsens is providing an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect future apps used by truckers with FDOT’s system. Additionally, IPsens oversees the connectivity of the sensors, compiles and processes the data collected by the sensors, and then transmits that data to FDOT. The company also provided the Nedap in-ground parking guidance sensors through Intelligent Imaging Systems in cooperation with SICE, FDOT’s general contractor.


The introduction of the T-Pass program is the culmination of a six-year effort on the part of the state of Florida, IPsens, and scholars from Florida International University and the University of Florida to create, test, and implement a sensor program for Florida’s highways. FDOT plans to continue to roll out the program statewide in the coming months.



Source: IPsens

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