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Gehl Power Box Asphalt Pavers

Gehl Power Box Asphalt Pavers, the 1448 Plus and 1648 Plus (Circle 909), feature fully extendable screed extensions that allow the machines to be adapted easily to different job applications, such as driveways, recreational ball courts, bike paths and parking lots.

A full-floating, adjustable and vibratory screed is standard on both Power Box models. The screed’s 8-ft length and 13-in. widths provides a solid foundation for smooth, accurate and finished asphalt mats. Crown, invert and pitch adjustments are provided through screw-type jacks located at the center and ends of the main screed assembly. These adjustments allow the operator to maintain a consistent depth and develop drainage contours within the mat.

To heat the screed, the 1648 Plus uses a propane burner system. By preheating the screed, asphalt is prevented from bonding to the screed’s wear plate and scoring the mat finish. The 1448 Plus uses the engine exhaust to heat the screed with a propane-heated screed as optional equipment.

Other new features on the Gehl Plus Asphalt Pavers include an electronic control module and reduced noise levels. The module provides an automatic preheat timer and audible warning alarms. It displays indicator lights for engine temperature, engine oil pressure, battery and engine preheat. Noise levels have been reduced by three decibels compared with past models, so these pavers are more comfortable to operate and reduce operator fatigue.

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