Fixing satellites

Case Studies
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McGuire and Hester is a leading heavy civil general contractor in the San Francisco Bay area who in the past few years has more than doubled in size. After opening satellite offices housing five dispatchers, McGuire and Hester faced a challenge of knowing the status of each piece of equipment in their fleet.

“Each office had its own magnet board with that area’s jobs posted,” said resource manager Mitch Hanner. “However, each office was in its own separate vacuum, not aware of what the other was doing. We were renting equipment that was already a part of our fleet and had become available off of another jobsite.”

McGuire and Hester then purchased The Dispatcher resource management software from HCSS to help find a solution to their break in communication.

“The results were extremely beneficial,” said Hanner. “[The new software] has allowed us to efficiently communicate throughout all of our office locations as well as the field. We were able to do away with our magnet boards because of the software’s capability to incorporate all of our scheduling onto one common screen called the Magnet Board View. This has allowed us to stay aware of what resources we may or may not have available. Overall we have seen a 15 to 20% decrease in our outside rentals.”

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