Federal vehicle-to-vehicle communication test to begin in summer 2012

Yearlong study will take place in Michigan, involve nearly 3,000 cars

Transportation Management News USA Today June 12, 2012
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is preparing to initiate a yearlong real-world study of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology in Michigan. The test, involving 3,000 vehicles, will help determine if the new technology will be beneficial in avoiding traffic accidents.


Wireless networks are the key component of the system, which will allow equipped vehicles within 1,000 ft of each other to continuously exchange information with each other 10 times a second. Data on location, direction and speed are analyzed, with warnings issued to drivers if the computer identifies a potentially dangerous situation.


NHTSA has been working with eight different automakers for the last decade to perfect the technology. Eventually, the hope is that it could also be adapted to allow exchange of information between vehicles and traffic lights, signs and other infrastructure elements for better traffic management.

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