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Project Neon, Las Vegas, Nevada
Work on Project Neon made it to substantial completion by May 15, 2019, with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place in August of this year.
Almost everyone is familiar with the often agreed-upon mantra that whatever happens in Vegas should stay there. Fortunately for the road construction…
October 02, 2019
It has come back around again, one of our favorite issues here at Roads & Bridges Media.  It is always a pleasure to recognize the terrific work…
October 02, 2019
Minnesota Drive and International Airport Road Interchange; Anchorage, Alaska
This stranded SUV at the Minnesota Drive and International Airport Road Interchange became a national focal point for the pervasiveness of the earthquake damage, and also served as a visual signal to Alaskan authorities and local contractors, who pooled their resources to find a swift solution to road repair. All images: Alaska DOT&PF.
You remember hearing about it in the news, I’ll bet. Late November of 2018: Thanksgiving lingered in most households in the form of leftover turkey…
October 02, 2019
The Milwaukee County Zoo is home to over 2,100 living creatures, and sees over 1 million visitors of the human variety on an annual basis. Those…
October 02, 2019
Queen Kaahumanu Highway Widening - Phase 2; The Big Island, Hawaii
Completed improvements for the Hulikoa Drive intersection provide access to the Kohanaiki Private Club and industrial areas.
If you’ve been involved in a major road project, you know that “lead time” is a relatively fluid term. Sometimes it’s a matter of months; sometimes…
October 02, 2019