Fast trash pump

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Multiquip Inc. of Carson, Calif., has recently added a new 4-in. trash pump—the QP-4TH—to its pump line, great for the wet season. The QP-4TH is ideal for removing water with high solid content from quarries, mines and other construction sites. Sand, sticks, stones and other debris up to 2 in. in diam. can easily pass through the pump.
The 4-in. model has a maximum pumping capacity of 555 gal per minute. It is driven by an 11-hp Honda gasoline engine and boasts maximum head of 92 ft. The fast-priming QP-4TH pump is housed in a strong but compact aluminum die-cast pump casing. The 1.1-in. pipe frame includes four easy lifting handles for simple transportation to, from and around the jobsite.

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