Fast Forming, Clean Finishing at Asian Airports

Case Studies
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Use of compact metal forms and mobile vibrating screeds has enabled Progresstech Ltd. to succeed within its particular niche in airfield construction in Asia. Such equipment permitted the company faster form setup, stripping and ease of form reuse, coupled with a high quality of finished concrete surfaces.

Founded in 1991, Progresstech performs design, construction and engineering in airport pavement and other related technologies. For its Russian and central Asian work, the company employs several products manufactured by Metal Forms Corp., Milwaukee, Wis. These include 8- and 12-in. manufactured form systems and heavy- and light-duty concrete truss screeds.

Manufactured with 10-gauge steel, the straight form sections are delivered in standard 10-ft segments. These can be combined with a variety of specialized form pieces and accessories to fabricate a complete forming system to fit any particular pavement job. Each form section’s unbroken top tread furnishes an even, continuous surface for smoother edge tooling and finishing operations. Stakes inserted through box-type pockets in the sections not only provide reinforcement, but help maintain the faces of the formwork at a 90-degree angle to finished grade. Heavy tapered wedges lock the stakes, allowing the form sections to be suspended and supported by the stakes without the need for subgrade support.

The curb-and-gutter forms can be used in a variety of applications, and employ a clamp and dowel system permitting each element of the completed formwork to align and lock easily with other segments. Fast-action clips enable workers to quickly set and strip the face forms. A simple hook clamp locks division plates to the front and back forms, preventing the side forms from spreading.

For its work in Russia, Progresstech has used Speed Screed Cruiser finishing machines for constructing 7,000 cu yd of concrete pavement on a fine-sand base for Perm’s Bolshoe Savino Airdrome. Elsewhere, at the Manas International Airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, in northeast Central Asia, the forms and screeds helped build 66,000 cu yd of reinforced concrete pavement for an apron expansion. The equipment also has served Progresstech in the construction of 2,400 cu yd of concrete floor for airport hangers in Balashikha, near Moscow, in Russia.

According to a Progresstech representative, the company has been using the Metal Forms equipment for well over a year: “The vibrating screeds are very handy, mobile, and provide the top quality in concrete surface finishing. The forms provide quick setting and stripping, and allow repeated utilization.”

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