Emergency bridge built just in time

Bridges Case Studies January 15, 2016
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When Hurricane Irene assaulted the coast of North Carolina and caused a breach in the coastline near Rodanthe, the breach destroyed NC-12, the only road that gives residents and visitors access to the island. It was essential that access to the island be restored, and Mabey Inc. was there to lend a hand to the residents and patrons of North Carolina in this trying time.


Mabey had a man on the ground to assess the situation within 24 hours. Due to their expertise and relationship with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Mabey was able to work with NCDOT and general contractor Carolina Bridge to create the exact configuration that would work best for the situation. Once the plan was decided, Peter Oare and Mabey’s team of engineers were able to get the preliminary details to NCDOT within two hours of the request.


Mabey delivered the bridge parts to the site within two days of the request. Carolina Bridge worked around the clock to install the bridge and piers in record time. Working closely with Carolina Bridge, Mabey provided all of the materials and a technical representative to allow the work to proceed at breakneck speed.


NCDOT also utilized approximately 65 of Mabey Mats to create a stable roadway on the sand to allow workers access the unstable and environmentally sensitive site. The 650-ft-long Mabey Universal Bridge was installed using a build-and-push method to span the gap. North Carolina’s governor, Bev Perdue, mandated that the bridge be in place and operational in a short amount of time. To deploy the bridge as quickly as possible, Mabey worked with NCDOT and Carolina Bridge to develop a shipping schedule to keep materials readily available to them until the project was complete. The deadline was met.


The bridge was a two-lane Mabey Universal (MU) bridge manufactured by Mabey Bridge Ltd. The versatility and strength of the MU bridge made it ideal for this project. The modular design allows the bridge to be erected quickly, permitting traffic to resume flowing, while the strength and durability enable the bridge to be a temporary or permanent solution. The MU was in place for four years until NCDOT was able to build a replacement bridge for NC-12.


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