Electrolux Construction Products changes name to Husqvarna Construction Products

News Allen Zehyer, Managing Editor January 19, 2006
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What used to be the Outdoor Products division of the Electrolux Group is now Husqvarna AB, and Electrolux Construction Products is Husqvarna Construction Products, effective Jan. 1, 2006.

Husqvarna will still market, sell and service the previous brands--Dimas, Diamant Boart, Partner, Target and Felkner--with the same team and structure.

Target announced its new Pro 48 D professional concrete saw today at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

The Pro 48 D features a Yanmar four-cylinder diesel engine that is rated at 48 hp. The patented power transmission system features a right-angle gearbox and 12 V-belts that transmit more power to the blade shaft than similar models in its class. The 42 hp produced at the blade shaft is 38% more than the previous model and dramatically improves cutting speed.

The patent-pending multiposition handlebars easily adjust to an individual operator's preference. New engineering in the saw also reduces vibration in the handlebars to 3 m/sec^2. The features increase operator comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

The saw is available in front-pivot and rear-pivot models. The front-pivot models feature a patent-pending electric tracking option that allows the operator to make tracking adjustments with a switch while cutting.

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