Efficiency updated

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Terex’s newest excavator, the TXC300 LC-2

Terex’s newest excavator, the TXC300 LC-2, offers upgrades and advanced features designed to increase operator comfort, productivity and fuel efficiency.

The new unit features a Tier III emission-compliant engine that uses a common rail injection system. The advanced system uses high fuel injection pressure to burn the smallest particle of fuel completely, which eliminates smoke and increases fuel efficiency. The LC-2 model also features a wider, roomier cab, automatic climate control with 20% more cooling capacity, 8% more airflow and less engine noise. Terex reduced the engine noise by installing a larger advanced cooling fan, remote fan drive system and new muffler with a doubled wall structure.

The new electronic management system (e-EPOS) gives operators access to advanced self-diagnostic technology for quick and precise problem resolution.

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