ECOPATH paves Flagstaff Airport in asphalt rubber

News ECOPATH October 19, 2005
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Arizona’s freeways have long benefited from the smooth, quite and safe ride asphalt rubber provides. Now one of its airports will also.

Thanks to the asphalt blending equipment developed by Scottsdale-based ECOPATH, the runways and taxiways at Flagstaff Airport are now paved in asphalt rubber.

Although other airports in the U.S. have been paved in asphalt rubber, this is a first for Flagstaff.

“The reason we picked asphalt rubber is because it holds up better to extreme temperature changes,” said Flagstaff Airport Manager Mike Covalt. “We get big swings in temperatures here, from freezing cold to thawing snow to hot summer days.”

Everyone is happy with the results. “The City of Flagstaff is extremely pleased because the surface looks so good and has a long life,” Covalt added. “And the pilots are very complimentary about the smooth ride it provides.”

According to Kelly Sockwell, ECOPATH general manager, approximately 13,000 recycled tires were used in the 9,000 mix tons out of Rinker Materials asphalt plant in Flagstaff. The project was completed in August of this year.

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