Economy and Performance

Economy and Performance

Owning and operating an independent quarry requires hard work, dedicated employees and a close watch on fiscal matters. As one of the largest independent producers of crushed stone in North Carolina, Ararat Rock Products has grown steadily since it was first founded by Jim Crossingham Sr. in 1955.

Located in Mount Airy, N.C., Ararat Rock Products produces approximately 650,000 tons of crushed stone annually, loading out between 2,500 and 3,000 tons per day. Ararat Rock utilizes two Liebherr R 984 front-shovel excavators in the quarry. The first Liebherr R 984 B front shovel was purchased in 1994. This machine has over 18,500 hours and is still in use removing overburden at the site. The second machine was purchased in July 2002 and has over 5,300 hours on it performing primary loading work at the face.

When it was time for Ararat to purchase new wheel loaders for the load out work, Jim Crossingham III, president of Ararat Rock Products, did not believe the claims made by Liebherr regarding the L 580 wheel loader. Crossingham said, “When I first heard about the Liebherr wheel loaders, I didn’t believe the 40% fuel savings. I figured it was just a sales pitch, but it’s true. We are doing the same job with the Liebherr – but with half the fuel.”

At the 2,500 to 3,000 tons per day load out rate, Ararat’s previous wheel loaders burned 85 gal per day, the Liebherr L 580 wheel loader burns 42-45 gal per day.
Even with this fuel efficiency, Crossingham was more impressed with the handling of the Liebherr. It was the ease of operation that convinced Crossingham to purchase the Liebherr. “I purchased the Liebherr L 580 based on greta traction, smooth operation and quiet ride. I love the way it operates.”

All Liebherr wheel loaders feature an advanced hydrostatic travel drive which, in addition to burning up to 40% less fuel without a loss in power or performance, provides smooth operation, 25% less tire wear and brakes that are virtually wear-free.

An additional benefit of the Liebherr advanced hydrostatic travel drive is best described by Derek Hutchens, the main operator, “I don’t have to rev the machine up to travel or load. With the other wheel loaders, you have to rev the engine up to speed before you can travel or load. The Liebherr is a lot better to operate.”

Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. markets five models of wheel loaders starting at tipping loads of 15,440 lb to 39,360 lb.