EarthCam and Infotech partner to deliver critical visual data for Infrastructure

April 19, 2021
Vrooman Road Bridge Replacement Project in Lake County, Ohio
Vrooman Road Bridge Replacement Project in Lake County, Ohio

As pressure increases on the infrastructure industry to increase productivity at pace with other sectors, Departments of Transportation (DOTs) are ramping up their use of jobsite cameras to monitor their projects, improve safety, and prevent cost-overruns.

Construction cameras can serve multiple purposes for documentation and security, and live-streaming views of projects can be shared with stakeholders and with the public. Over decades, EarthCam has built expertise in supporting DOTs with camera solutions for thousands of projects, delivering crucial on-site service and support. Recently, EarthCam announced a partnership with Infotech, a 44-year veteran infrastructure software provider, to deliver critical visual data directly into DOTs workflow, streamlining the ability to use visual data in project management.

When building the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge, Kane County DOT in Illinois entrusted EarthCam with their visual information. Steve Coffinbargar, Kane County’s Assistant Director of Transportation - Project Implementation, relied on EarthCam technology every day during the construction of the 5.6-mile bridge. "I enjoyed seeing the daily progress through the website link and I believe the public and our elected officials did too,” Coffinbargar said. “It was nice to make our board members aware that the camera was out there and the info and technology was available for them to check it out whenever they wanted to."

Longmeadow Parkway Bridge in Kane County, Illinois
Longmeadow Parkway Bridge in Kane County, Illinois 

Live-streaming construction cameras allow stakeholders to remotely check in on jobsites throughout the life cycle of the project and can be indispensable in winning public buy-in. Ohio DOT chose EarthCam for the Vrooman Road Bridge—a Roads & Bridges Top 10 Bridges project for 2020. “Having this camera solution available on our website furnished the engineer’s team and the public with a continuous live stream of the construction activities," said Alan Exley, Chief Design Engineer at Lake County. 

EarthCam's construction camera technology is unsurpassed at generating high-resolution imagery for the creation of time-lapse movies that showcase years of construction in just a few short minutes. "Having this feed will provide us with the ability to use the hand-edited time-lapse movie to enhance project presentations," Exley added. 

Infotech has been a leader in infrastructure construction software for over four decades. EarthCam's new integration with Infotech provides real-time remote views of the jobsite for informed decision-making, site inspection, and progress tracking. Images can automatically be pushed to specific contracts in Infotech’s Doc Express service to augment inspection and compliance reports. For efficient data visualization, image upload frequency can be set according to activity levels and includes metadata such as time, date, and weather conditions.


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