E-Z does it

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E-Z Drill offers a downsized version of its popular Model 210B On-Grade concrete drill, the Model 110B (Circle 908). The drill operates on the subgrade and fits in a 3-ft patch. A minimum of 50 cfm is required to run the totally pneumatic system, which can drill holes from 5/8 to 2 in. in diameter to a depth of 12 inches.
The Model 110B is designed to maintain high levels of productivity. E-Z Drill’s patented roller-bearing feed system eliminates carriage friction during drilling, allowing an operator to drill faster with a smaller drill motor. A mobile system helps the operator easily and quickly reposition the drill for increased productivity. Dual-purpose guide wheels slide horizontally along the concrete slab but also can be flipped down for simple transport.
Lifting handles on each side of the drill are positioned for proper leverage and less risk of injury, making the machine easier to operate while increasing production. A balanced lifting point for safe, easy loading of the 170-lb machine further enhances its mobility. Other safety and convenience features on the Model 110B include carriage locks, which hold the drill and bit in place when the air supply is off or disconnected, and automatically locking air hose couplers, which prevent the need to manually pin the connection.

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