Drier roads

Case Studies
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The small town of Cooper City, Fla., had a problem with roadway drainage that affected both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The roadway was configured to allow storm water to convey via the curb and gutter and collect in catch basins. This method worked well for a long period of time simply because there were limited alternatives for storm water conveyance on the roadway.

Following a sizeable rain event, the roadway often experienced localized flooding. The curb and gutter would flow out into the traffic area, creating a hydroplaning or pulling issue with vehicle traffic and often a worse condition for the pedestrians walking along the roadway. The local flooding, combined with the traffic, often resulted in very wet and angry pedestrians.

However, a solution was designed using ACO Polymer Products’ HighwayDrain HD200. Instead of allowing the curb and gutter to flow storm water, the storm water now falls into the pre-sloped trench drain, resulting in a much safer driver environment and more pleasant area for pedestrians. ACO HighwayDrain offers security by not having iron grates along the length of trench drain, and also adds a bit of “curb-appeal”. The inlets also offer safe passage for bicycles as well.

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