Double the savings

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With Innovative Lighting’s powerful new PCP2 LED Corner Sidemarker/Clearance
Lights, only four lights are necessary to safely pull cargo or utility trailers at night instead of the usual eight, saving the cost of buying and powering twice as many lights.

The rectangular Corner Sidemarker offers all the benefi ts of LED technology. Its
powerful two-LED configuration is energy efficient and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. This Sidemarker operates on a 9- to 16-volt DC system, draws only 130 milliamps and is a compact 2.84 in. long x 1.51 in. wide x 1.21 in. deep.

The sonically sealed polycarbonate lens and housing are PC-rated and are shock and vibration-proof. Innovative Lighting’s PCP2 Corner Sidemarker Light is DOT/SAE compliant with 180° visibility.

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