Don’t melt budget

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Volvo has introduced the G900 motor grader (Circle 902). The machine’s power, total weight and properly matched powertrain components ensure maximum productivity in snow-clearing applications. High total weight combined with high speed ensures the inertia required to break through heavily drifted sections of roadway. High rear weight also ensures the ability to wing back snow without having the rear of the machine slide sideways against the force at the snow wing.
Generally speaking, the more snowfall received, the larger the grader required for efficient snow-clearing operations. The G900’s base weights range from 34,830 lb to 48,720 lb.
The graders feature all-wheel drive (AWD), which can be a significant benefit, particularly in areas of heavy snowfall. AWD graders provide the additional benefits of improved steering capability and extra pushing ability because of the pull provided by the front wheels. Volvo’s AWD graders are fully functional in AWD mode in gears F1 through F7 and at travel speeds of up to 20.2 mph.

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