DFI Corporation

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5055 Babcock St NE #7
Palm Bay, FL

The DFI Team now expands to include a Bridge Division to handle heavy timber bridges and structures on the national scene. Heavy Timber Structures and Bridges that are designed and erected by our Teams of Craftsmen will meet all of your needs for utility while complimenting the grace and beauty of the surrounding environment.

Products included but not limited to:

Heavy Timber Bridges and Structures

Pedestrian Bridges


Cart Bridges (5 Ton - 10 Ton)

Timber Free spans (5 Ton - 40 Ton)

Combo Cart Bridges with Free spans (5 Ton - 10 Ton)

Heavy Vehicle Bridges (10 Ton- 40 Ton)

Retaining Walls

Tee Boxes


(covered bridges is an option for all DFI Bridges)

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