Despite House threats, LaHood believes new highway bill will be passed in 2011

New resolution could reduce spending to FY 2008 levels as House Appropriations Committee Chairman promises the “largest spending cuts” in history

News DC Velocity January 21, 2011
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Although details have yet to be released, the House of Representatives Rules Committee seems determined to cut non-defense spending.

A measure, House Resolution 38, was recently cleared and will be brought to a vote on the House floor next week. If passed, spending could be reduced to FY 2008 levels, but the move would have to be passed by the Senate.

“This resolution is a statement that we will move immediately to reduce spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, and that deep cuts to a host of government programs will be made,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.). “As I have said before, it is my intention to craft the largest series of spending cuts in the history of Congress.”

Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he believes a new long-term highway bill will be passed before the August recess. However, the Obama administration still does not support an increase in the federal gas tax to support such a measure.

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