On-demand Tech Talk: Next-generation methods for oversize/overweight permitting & routing

Intelligent permitting and routing of oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles automates the permitting process, giving transportation agencies a management system for permit issuance and OS/OW carriers an easy means of acquiring permits online.

Join Bentley for a new Tech Talk as Dan Peirce discusses next-generation methods for OS/OW permit routing. Topics include:

  • A review of the new Superload Connect Edition routing method;
  • How the new methodology puts more focus on the routing preferences of the state; and
  • Highlights of the new map background data, maps and satellite imagery.

Learn how, through Bentley's corporate-wide partnership with Microsoft, it can now provide Microsoft maps and imagery. See the map and aerial tiles for all users and the variation of map backgrounds provided to accommodate user visual preferences and impairments. Through the demo and discussion, you will see and hear how the new methodology enables users to get through the routing process faster, while enabling advanced users to maintain control over their final permitted trips.

Presenter: Dan Peirce
Runtime: 28 minutes

Click here to view the presentation.