Cutting and mulching

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There is now a new option for cutting and mulching the thickest grass brush: a flail cutter attachment from Bobcat Co. Bobcat has expanded its diverse line of land-clearing attachments for medium- and large-frame loaders by adding the flail cutter for use around lakefront property, construction sites, power-line access roads, trails, ditches and other overgrown areas.

The Bobcat flail cutter provides excellent cutting and mulching action while spreading the cut material evenly. Rather than rotate, the hammers cut vertically so debris is thrown down on the ground and not out to the side. The flail cutter has a cutting width of 79 in. and can mulch small branches and saplings up to 3 in. in diam. It can be operated traveling either forward or backward. A flotation linkage and compact deck length allow the flail cutter to float over ground contours, maintaining surface contact for optimal performance.

Other features include an easy-to-open cover that allows instant access to drive components and maintenance areas, a full-width tapered rear roller for more turning ability and a rugged 0.25-in.-thick steel-deck design for maximum strength in tough clearing jobs. This efficient land-clearing attachment may be used with Bobcat skid-steer loaders, Bobcat compact track loaders, the A300 all-wheel-steer loader and the Toolcat 5600 utility work machine.

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