Custom-made screed helps paving in the Bahamas

Case Studies
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When needing to pour 95,000 lineal feet of concrete roads and curbs for the Ginn Sur Mer Project on the West End of the Bahamas Island, Advanced Concrete Specialists needed a machine to simplify the finishing process.

The Ginn Sur Mer project consists of ocean-front homes, a marina, a golf course and hotel. Advanced Concrete was looking for a truss screed machine that was dependable and would both cut costs and time. A vibrating truss screed from Metal Forms Corp. was used to strike-off, consolidate and finish the concrete. The Speed Screed incorporates square finishing tubes that are reversible to extend the life of this part, which commonly is subject to the most wear.

Project manager, Mark Kroeger said, “The screed worked beautifully from the first day we poured (250 cu yd). Once we had the first couple of loads down we were comfortable with its use. We poured quality roadways with no problems with the screed.”

With paving widths varying from 14 to 22 ft, crews could make the adjustments to the machine by simply removing or adding sections of screed. Advanced Concrete requested a machine to be made with non-standard lengths of screed.

Since the curb-and-gutter sections of the road were poured first, the screed had to be made to fit within these widths. Metal Forms Corp. made custom 6-ft sections to accommodate their needs. Advanced Concrete ordered their screed with hydraulic winching to simplify the pour.

“We were able to complete the project under a tight time frame,” said Kroeger.

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