CrashGard Sand Barrel System

PSS CrashGard Sand Barrel System.

The PSS CrashGard Sand Barrel System is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel or crash cushion. Sand barrels are designed to protect fixed objects, whether permanent or temporary, and reduce the likelihood of a vehicle imparting the object. 

As the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide states, sand barrels absorb energy. Sand barrels stop the impact vehicle in a short distance and at a controlled rate. The controlled rate reduces the potential for injury to the occupants, allowing the vehicle to pass through the array without redirecting the vehicle. 

CrashGard Features:

CrashGard is a unique sand barrel system due to its versatility in applications. The system consists of three components: the barrel, lit, and insert. 

The CrashGard insert allows a range of 200-2,100 lbs of sand per barrel. This prevents users from having to purchase barrels of different sizes or needing to buy each of the components separately.

Supporting Literature:

PSS provides further information on fill levels, MASH requirements, and array configurations in the CrashGard Sand Barrel System Product Guide. To download your free copy, visit PSS-Innovations.com


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