Cranes help build Indianapolis interchange bridges

July 18, 2017

The I-465/I-65 highway interchange project is a major undertaking in Indianapolis that includes $19.6 million in bridge replacements. With jobs this big, having the right-size, right-price equipment is vital to keeping budgets on track without sacrificing quality and safety. This is precisely why Central Rent-A-Crane, part of the ALL Family of Companies, has been involved with the project from the beginning.

Most recently, Central assisted with setting three spans of bridge beams that will stretch over I-65 and across Lick Creek. The scope of work included lifting and setting steel beams ranging from 14,000 lb and 55 ft long to 48,000 lb and 150 ft long. Cranes and operators were on site for two weeks during this phase of construction, which required multiple overnight lane restrictions and lane shifts.

Central’s extensive fleet held just the right solution for the bridge project: the 350-USt Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane.

The GMK6300L is among the strongest six-axle all-terrain cranes in lifting capability, offering more power when lifting at tall heights. Its maneuverability was ideal for the I-65 bridge job because the crane needed to be positioned up to 150 ft away from where work was being done. Designed for lifts like these without the need to rig the jib, the GMK6300L’s seven-section main power boom can be configured up to 263 ft and offers flexibility without skimping on power.

As an added bonus, contractors were able to map out the intricate work in advance with the help of Central using lift-planning software. Two of the three spans had to be placed with limited traffic interruption, underscoring the need for precision and safety. Some of the beams were cantilevered over a pier in the middle, so ironworkers were on hand to immediately set plates and bolts to secure them in place.

Central worked on this phase of the highway project with their customer, Superior Construction. Both companies have seen growth in recent years. ALL opened a Central Rent-A-Crane branch in Indianapolis in 2016 to accommodate increasing work in central and southern Indiana. Superior is taking on more work in the southern half, where Central’s presence across the state has been a benefit. 

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