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Crews stay flexible during nighttime construction

Equipment Article July 06, 2012
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Slab rehab on its own is an intense operation for equipment and users, but performing with a tropical storm, working at night and with limited hours complicates matters.

Workers have to be able to handle equipment in an efficient manner to ensure they can work a full shift and keep the equipment running at top performance.

Currently, Costello Industries–Southeast Division, based out of Stockbridge, Ga., is tackling 50,000 sq yd of slab replacements and joint sealing on I-95, just south of Jacksonville, Fla. In addition to the slab rehab and joint sealing, the project entails 3,000 lineal ft of sound-barrier wall and upgrades to multiple overhead signs and lighting.

I-95 is a major artery throughout Florida; due to the heavy traffic on the interstate, Costello Industries has to perform all rehab work at night, when there is less traffic to disrupt. This means a very limited amount of time lanes of the interstate can be closed for work. In addition to working at night, Tropical Storm Beryl tightened Costello’s window to complete the job. Jason St. Peter, president of Costello Industries, took all these constraints into consideration when planning the equipment and operators that will be on-site to ensure the project stays on track.  

St. Peter knows that different saws work well for different operators. Knowing which operator works best with a certain flat saw is key to maximizing efficiency and accomplishing the night’s cutting goal. If an operator is paired with a saw that has more or less horsepower than he/she can handle, the operator can get frustrated and the machine will underperform, causing the project to fall behind.

For the I-95 project, Costello brought four flat saws for two saw men. The additional saws enable the operators to switch between saws if needed. Three of the saws on-site are Husqvarna FS 8400 D flat saws. St. Peter chose to pair the FS 8400 D with his operators because it is easy to maneuver and dependable. He noted that the project called for a flat saw that was flexible enough to easily switch between 28-in., 36-in. and 42-in. blades quickly and the FS 8400 D’s blade guard was designed for quick blade changes. The operators are able to maximize the saw’s efficiency and meet their nightly cutting goals thanks to being paired with the proper equipment.

It is important to note that when operators are matched to the correct equipment, contractors get more than just optimum efficiency: They also are protecting their investment. St. Peter said, “Matching the operator correctly with the equipment protects our investment in our people and our equipment.” R&B

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